I Support Brand Owners & Agencies Through Their Critical Growth Stages.

No Gimmicks. No Confusing Offers. Straight Up High ROI From Someone Who's Been in the Marketing Industry For a Decade. I Know Companies Need Help at Critical Points in Their Growth. I Provide That Through Exec Level Consulting and Paid Media Services.

Simple & Effective

I Provide Ongoing Marketing Consulting Services And AI & Automation Implementation For Businesses.


I've worked with over 200 companies and have seen it all.

Whatever stage you're at, my consulting services can enable you to take your business to the next level.

Media Buying

Most of my peers move on from managing ad accounts. The pure love of advertising has made me stay.

Please note that I only work with 1 or 2 brands at a time for this service.

AI & Automation

As the novelty of AI has worn off, businesses are finally realising the power AI & Automation can give them.

Don't get left behind. Book a call and see how we can supercharge your business.

Mike Coombe About Me

About Me...

Hey, I’m Mike. At 22, I Was The Youngest Person In A Billion Pound A Year Company To Land A Project Manager Role. I Stuck With It For 5 Years, Directly Managing Over 20 Staff And Dealing With Multi-Million Pound Projects.

I Hated The Job Though But Thought It Could Lead To Bigger Things. It Wasn’t Until A Road Trip From Sweden To Norway Made Me Realise I Needed To Quit.

So I Did. I Asked A Guy I’d Met Whilst Out For Dinner For A Part Time Job So I Could Stay In Norway, And He Instantly Said Yes. I Called My Boss From The Airport, And 4 Weeks Later, I Was On A Flight Back…

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Wait. What Growth Stages?

Typically Businesses Go Through Two Main Growth Services When It Comes to Advertising

Outsourcing to freelancers/agencies

Most businesses as you know NEED to have other people to help run the business. 90% of the time you can't do it alone.

But you can't afford OR take the risk to hire someone full time. So you outsource the work to a service provider.

During this process I support you and your team as you transition to using contractors. Because trust me, it rarely works out the first time.

I provide small amounts of training to your contractors and ensure that they understand what they are doing and are inline with your business objectives.

Building an your in house advertising team

A lot of businesses will stay at this level for TOO LONG. I've seen multi 7 figure and even 8 figure brands being run purely by part time staff and freelancers. They were a total mess.

Why does this happen? Because it's EXTREMELY difficult, time consuming and expensive if done incorrectly.

These businesses are my primary clients because of the complexity level. I provide full team training for your media buyers, senior media buyers and CMO.

But that's not all. I can assist in the hiring processes because of my network that I've built by not only being active in many communities online but because I've been traveling the world full time for over 7 years.

And guess what? If needed I'll even cover managing your clients ad accounts or your ad account because I love it that much.

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With a decades worth of experience in the marketing field holding various jobs within the industry, and operating a six figure agency gives me a skill set like no other. But it's not the time spent in the industry that makes it so unique - it's the pure passion and love for advertising that pushes me to only offer the best services on the market.

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Surrey, United Kingdom

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