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MCM Agency Case Study 1 Fashion Brand

Here is a case study on how MCM Agency was able to increase PQ Collections’ customer lifetime value (CLTV) and decrease their blended cost per acquisition (CPA) through advertising account simplification, email marketing core flows, and creating an efficient testing and scaling machine:


PQ Collections is a mid-sized fashion retail company that sells clothing and accessories online. The company has been struggling to increase its CLTV and decrease its CPA through its digital advertising efforts. PQ Collections approached MCM Agency, a digital marketing agency, to help them improve their advertising performance.


Upon analysing PQ Collections’ advertising accounts, MCM Agency identified several challenges that were hindering the company’s performance:

  1. Complex advertising accounts: PQ Collections had multiple a HUGE amount of ad campaigns with different objectives, targeting, and budgets, making it difficult to track and optimise the campaigns effectively.
  2. Lack of email marketing strategy: PQ Collections needed to have a cohesive email marketing strategy in place, leading to low open and click-through rates and low conversions.
  3. Lack of testing and scaling: PQ Collections was not consistently testing and scaling their campaigns, which prevented them from identifying and replicating successful strategies.

To help PQ Collections improve their CLTV and decrease their CPA, MCM Agency implemented the following solutions:

    1. Advertising account simplification: MCM Agency consolidated PQ Collections’ ad campaigns into a single account with clear objectives and targeting. This allowed for better tracking and optimisation of the campaigns.
    2. Email marketing core flows: MCM Agency developed a comprehensive email marketing strategy for PQ Collections, including segmented lists, personalised messaging, and automated flows. This helped increase the open and click-through rates and led to higher conversions.
    3. Efficient testing and scaling: MCM Agency implemented a system for consistently testing and scaling PQ Collections’ campaigns, including A/B testing and multivariate testing. This allowed the company to identify and replicate successful strategies, resulting in better performance.

As a result of the advertising account simplification, email marketing core flows, and efficient testing and scaling, PQ Collections saw a significant increase in their CLV and a decrease in their blended CPA. The company’s CLTV increased by 25% and their blended CPA decreased by 35%. PQ Collections was able to achieve these results by having a clear advertising strategy, engaging email marketing campaigns, and consistent testing and scaling of their campaigns.


MCM Agency was able to help PQ Collections increase their CLTV and decrease their blended CPA by simplifying their advertising campaigns, implementing a comprehensive email marketing strategy, and creating an efficient testing and scaling machine. By addressing the challenges that were hindering the company’s performance, PQ Collections were able to achieve better results through their digital advertising efforts.