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After graduating with a Bachelors in Business and Marketing in 2012 Mike Coombe went on to work as a Project Manager in London. After discovering his love for marketing and everything digital, Mike spent the next 3 years completing a variety of certifications and Digital Marketing internships with companies around the world.

After honing his skillset in social media marketing and working in the industry for 4 years Mike formed a collective of like-minded freelancers to create Mike Coombe Digital. A digital agency who’s sole purpose is to increase their client’s revenue and get their message across through strategic digital marketing.Combining data, creativity and world-class products & services Mike Coombe Digital has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for clients in almost every industry, on almost every continent. Although working remotely might give off a 12-noon wakeup and pyjamas all-day vibe, this couldn’t be further from reality for us. We work from a coworking office during regular office hours 8:00-17:00. 

We work a ‘communication first’ style approach with our clients. Meaning, near-daily contact is had between us either by email, phone, video or instant messenger – so no disappearing acts when you work with us.We have an organised, transparent and communication driven way of working with our clients. This means that although we may not be able to work face to face we have the infrastructure in place to make the whole process streamlined.


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