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Latest Case Studies.

MCM Agency Case Study 1 Fashion Brand

1 Month Inside an Omnipresence Strategy 6-Figure Fashion Brand

As a result of advertising account simplification, email marketing core flows, and efficient testing and scaling, PQ Collections CLTV increased by 25% and their blended CPA decreased by 35%. We achieved these results through a clear advertising strategy, engaging email marketing campaigns, and consistent testing and scaling of their campaigns.

MCM Agency 2 Email Marketing Case Study

1 Month Inside an Email Marketing Account Producing 6 Figures

As a result of the core flows, segmentation, and campaign strategy, the brand email revenue increased from £35,000 to £162,417, a 364% increase. The client was able to achieve these results by implementing a comprehensive email marketing strategy that included engaging core flows, targeted segmentation, and a cohesive campaign strategy.

MCM Agency Google Case Study 3

1 Month Inside a Multi 6 Figure Google Ads Account For a Fashion Brand

MCM Agency was able to significantly increase their client’s ROAS through the implementation of their MCM Agency CPC Strategy. By addressing the challenges that were hindering the company's performance, the client was able to achieve better results through their Google Ads campaigns.