1 Month Inside an Email Marketing Account Producing 6 Figures

MCM Agency 2 Email Marketing Case Study
How MCM Agency significantly increased one of their fitness brand clients’ email revenue by implementing their core flows and campaign strategy:
This fitness brand is a large company that sells workout equipment online. The company was looking to increase its email revenue and approached MCM Agency for help.
Upon analysing Fitness Brand’s email marketing efforts, MCM Agency identified several challenges that were hindering the company’s performance:
  1. Low open and click-through rates: The brand’s emails had low open and click-through rates, resulting in low conversions.
  2. Lack of segmentation: They were not segmenting their email lists, leading to low personalisation and relevance for their subscribers.
  3. Lack of a cohesive campaign strategy: They needed to have a clear campaign strategy in place, resulting in inconsistent messaging and offers.
To help the client increase their email revenue, MCM Agency implemented the following solutions:
  1. Core flows: MCM Agency developed a series of core flows for their client, including welcome flows, abandoned cart flows, and upsell flows. These flows were designed to engage subscribers and drive conversions.
  2. Segmentation: MCM Agency segmented the client’s email list based on customer behaviour and interests, allowing for more targeted and personalised messaging.
  3. Campaign strategy: MCM Agency developed a cohesive campaign strategy for Fitness Brand, including clear messaging, offers, and call-to-actions. This helped to create a consistent and effective email marketing strategy.
As a result of the core flows, segmentation, and campaign strategy, the brand saw a significant increase in its email revenue. The company’s email revenue increased from £35,000 to £162,417, a 364% increase. The client was able to achieve these results by implementing a comprehensive email marketing strategy that included engaging core flows, targeted segmentation, and a cohesive campaign strategy.
MCM Agency was able to significantly increase their fitness brand client’s email revenue by implementing their core flows and campaign strategy. By addressing the challenges that were hindering the company’s performance, the client was able to achieve better results through their email marketing efforts. This case study demonstrates the importance of a comprehensive email marketing strategy in driving conversions and revenue for a business.