1 Month Inside a Multi 6 Figure Google Ads Account For a Fashion Brand

MCM Agency Google Case Study 3
How MCM Agency significantly increased one of their clients’ return on ad spend to 8.74x by implementing their MCM Agency CPC Strategy:
Client X is a multi 6 figure e-commerce company in the fashion vertical. The company was struggling to achieve a high return on ad spend (ROAS) through its Google Ad campaigns and approached MCM Agency, for help.
Upon analyzing the clients Google Ad account, MCM Agency identified several challenges that were hindering the company’s performance:
  1. Low conversion rates: Their Google Ads had low conversion rates, resulting in a low ROAS.
  2. Poor ad copy and landing page optimisation: The ad copy and landing pages were not effectively persuading potential customers to convert.
  3. Ineffective keyword targeting: the client was targeting a broad range of keywords, leading to low relevance and low-quality traffic.
To help the client increase their ROAS, MCM Agency implemented their MCM Agency CPC Strategy, which included the following solutions:
  1. Ad copy and landing page optimization: MCM Agency rewrote the ad copy using a psychology based approach and optimised the landing pages to better persuade potential customers to convert.
  2. Keyword targeting: MCM Agency conducted keyword research and identified high-converting keywords to target in the campaigns.
  3. Audience targeting: MCM Agency used audience targeting to reach customers who were more likely to convert based on their behavior and interests.
As a result of implementing the MCM Agency CPC Strategy, the client saw a significant increase in their ROAS. The company’s ROAS increased from 2.5x to 8.74x, a 250% increase. They were able to achieve these results by optimising their ad copy and landing pages, targeting relevant keywords, and using audience targeting to reach the most valuable customers.
MCM Agency was able to significantly increase their client’s ROAS through the implementation of their MCM Agency CPC Strategy. By addressing the challenges that were hindering the company’s performance, the client was able to achieve better results through their Google Ads campaigns. This case study demonstrates the importance of ad copy and landing page optimization, effective keyword targeting, and audience targeting in driving conversions and improving ROAS.