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What To Post On Instagram As a Business

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To properly leverage and maximise the benefits of putting your business on social media, you must understand the importance of ensuring that each post is on point. After all, what you post on your social media determines how your audience would perceive you, and their perception will determine the kind of digital presence your brand will have. Your business’s posts on Instagram will determine the type of impact your brand will have on your target audience. 

So the question is – what kind of content should my business post on Instagram?

This might prove to be a little daunting for some, especially since there are over 95 million posts created every day. You will need to think and ensure that what you’re posting will relate to your brand, and it’s engaging enough for people to want to follow you. 

In the digital age, it’s continuously been stressed how your posts on your social media play a huge role when you’re trying to market your growing business. But before we can understand that, it’s important we also understand how important it is to enhance your presence in social media through your business posts on Instagram. 

An article by Kayla suggests that the growing popularity of Instagram helps businesses’ products and overall brand get noticed. The social app allows you to convey your brand through photos as well as retain the imagination of a broad audience, thus promoting some form of visual gratification. 

What Should I Post on Instagram?

Quality Photos & Videos

In the age of social media, it is all about aesthetics. No one likes accounts with a messy feed or blurry photos. The best way to capture your audience’s attention is by investing in good high-quality photography of your brand’s products or services. 

Take Bentley Motors’ Instagram as an example. They featured the little details that make their cars stand out from the rest. They also ensured that beautiful photos of their car interiors were shown, this entices car enthusiasts or even those who aren’t into cars, mainly because the images look so pleasing and beautiful. 

what to post on instagram

Those who aren’t exactly car enthusiasts will still be compelled to follow their page seeing as their brand gives off such a luxurious digital presence.

Tutorials & Demonstrations

Another thing you can post would be a demo of what your brand offers. People don’t buy your offers because they’re not sure how to use it. So why not take advantage of the video feature and add in demos as one of the things your business posts on Instagram? It doesn’t even have to be a step by step tutorial per se. For example, if you’re in the retail industry, you can show them the many ways you can wear a distinct look. An excellent example of this would be Primark. They show off their product as well as how someone might want to wear it. 

what to post on instagram

It’s the same as the mannequin concept. When we see how two or three items go together, we’re more inclined to purchase the set rather than just that one piece. As someone who is browsing through, it will help a lot if the brand will also act as our stylist. 

Primark also created a video series of How-Tos. Some of the videos showed a quick makeup tutorial to achieve a glittery look which, would look well for the brand especially since the tutorial itself also shows how their products are being used, and how the quality is at first glance. 

what to post on instagram

Behind the Scenes

Another thing your business can post on your Instagram is behind the scenes photos or videos. It makes your audience feel as if they’re part of the building process. It also gives your brand a more human aspect compared to always having readily edited photos on your feed.

An excellent example of how this content idea is utilised is Alexander McQueen’s Instagram feed. He showed a snippet of how his beautiful pieces came to life. This gives his very intricate and detailed pieces a more human aspect, and it shows you how much heart and soul went into creating every piece. 

what can i post on instagram


When you’re posting behind the scene footage, you must capture the essence of your brand. For Alexander, it might be that each of his pieces is well thought of, unique, and each made with the utmost care. This sheds a bit of light on the mysteries surrounding your brand, but just enough to leave your viewers wanting more. 

Industry Leaders, Big Names, and Influencers

Big names help drive influence and instil credibility. When your viewers see famous people across your feed, it makes them see and feel your brand as something much more legit. For example, BBC News uses big names and very controversial personalities like Caitlyn Jenner, Emma Watson, the Royal Family, to encourage traffic and engagement on their posts. After all, won’t you be the least bit curious when you see these people on your feed?

what should I post on instagram

Another example would be Stella McCartney’s Instagram. You’ll see some behind the scene photos of her collaboration with international artist Taylor Swift. People see business posts on Instagram with big-name celebrities, and it automatically creates a sense of curiosity. If a huge pop star decides to use your brand, then that would mean it’s fantastic, right? This kind of mindset is beneficial to marketers who are looking to expand their audience base as well as those that they could potentially convert into a sale. 

what to post on instagram


Another thing your audience loves seeing is your brand participating in the trend. It gives your brand a human aspect as well as the impression that you’re just like them and not some snooty upper east sider. A perfect example was when the #bottlecapchallenge took the social media world by storm. One of its participants was no other than John Mayer himself. 

what to post on instagram

When you participate in community challenges, it shows a more human aspect of your brand. It makes you seem a lot more approachable and relatable to your viewers. Being relatable is a huge help when you’re trying to win over your viewers, so it’s good to check out what’s trending now and then. 

There are lots of ideas for your business posts on Instagram. Some may work better than the others, which is why it’s crucial to fully maximise the tools that are made readily available for you. Just keep in mind that your posts are meant for your audience and not for you, because when your audience know you as a brand, they’ll likely trust you enough to check out your products or services.

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