What Should My UK Business Post on Facebook?

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What Should My UK Business Post on Facebook?

What Should My UK Business Post on Facebook?

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With over 36 million Facebook users in the UK, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers have so much opportunity to reach and connect with their target audience. But to fully maximise the features provided by Facebook, UK business owners should create a solid content strategy to attract their target audience. What better way to achieve this than creating some awesome content.

Facebook can help you target your specific audience, so your brand’s success on social media all boils down to the kind of content you create. It will serve as your brand’s voice, so you should make sure it’s relevant and relatable. So the question is now: what should my UK business post on Facebook?

Importance of Engagement

A successful social media business page has relevant, relatable, and well-researched content. This is essential so that the audience feels compelled to respond – whether to react to the post, comment, share, or all three. Facebook’s algorithm favours engaging posts, and they are more likely to be made visible on your target audience’s feed.

It’s best to analyse the engagement rate on your recent posts. These numbers have an impact on the algorithm. It’s also good to get some inspiration as to what other businesses are doing – check out their pages and take note of the types of content they’re creating. It’s all about posting content your audience will find valuable. For example, The Body Coach used content that targeted people into (or are getting into) fitness. He’s posted a variety of different engaging posts, for example, asking his followers what their favourite workout playlist is, go-to recipes to accompany their workouts, and even before and after shots. Because of this, his audience feels compelled to communicate with the brand directly (engage).


Facebook polls are one of the best ways to engage with your target audience. For smaller businesses, they would be one of the more effective ways to garner customer feedback and get information on what their preference is when it comes to their products or services. 

These polls can generate precious insights and generate a steady discussion amongst your followers. You’ll also be able to share the results in a separate Facebook post to keep your followers up to date and interested.

What Should My UK Business Post on Facebook? Facebook poll


One thing to keep in mind when creating content is that you’re trying to show your audience that you’re more than just a corporate structure. You want people to see your human side, and you have causes you’re supporting. You’ll need to convey that it’s not just about profits, it’s about caring. An example would be Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. This shows how the brand supports inclusive beauty standards, and that women of a different race, culture, colour and religion are entitled to feel beautiful, and have products that are well suited for the person they are.


Another way to create content is to collaborate with personalities who already have a broad audience. Of course, it doesn’t have to be massive stars like Anne-Marie or Rita Ora. For smaller businesses, they can partner with local influencers and artists to boost engagement. When your audience see that these people work with your brand, it can benefit you directly. They’ll be more likely to give your businesses a second look because people have the tendency to want to use products other people are using. 


What better way to attract new leads other than a good old fashion contest! Because who doesn’t love free stuff, right? A good competition doesn’t always have to have a massive prize pool – a $10 gift card for your products or services is enough to increase engagement. These kinds of posts will even attract people who have never heard of you yet. It’s the perfect way to really market your brand and reach a new audience.

What Should My UK Business Post on Facebook? contests

Encourage a Friendly Debate

Facebook has always given more priority to posts that spark conversation and interactions between people. So starting a discussion can really work in your favour. For example, you can share your views on a trending topic and see what your followers think, such as eating vegan or climate change. Anything can spark a conversation, and it would be interesting if you can somehow incorporate your brand into these topics. This will also give you another opportunity to engage with your audience directly.

Live Videos

Gone are the days when you type lengthy articles about your products. If possible, why not do live streaming of you and your team trying out your own products or services? Or maybe do a live question and answer session with your followers. Think about it, live videos often get an average of 6 times as many interactions as regular videos. You can stream a product demo or life hack (tutorial), behind the scenes (you can show them how your team works to deliver only the best quality), a contest or giveaway, or a product launch.

What Should My UK Business Post on Facebook?

There’s a lot of ways to really maximise your Facebook marketing strategy. The first place you need to really pay attention to is what you post on your Facebook business page. Relevant and relatable content is essential to gaining more leads and interactions on your posts. What you post on your Facebook page tells a story about how your brand wants to impact the lives of your audience, so it’s essential to make them feel that they’re interests are the primary target and not just sales. 

Generally, with Facebook rolling out tons of features to help you understand your audience’s likes, dislikes, behaviour, and more, all that’s left to do is bring them content they actually want to see. No one likes spam that sounds too much like sales. Be sure that your brand’s voice shines through your posts and give your audience value and a reason to interact with you. If you’re still stuck asking ‘what should my UK business post on Facebook?’ just send me a message on our contact page, and I’ll happily throw you some ideas.

If you’re still looking for your UK based business to grow on Facebook check out my previous blog HERE.

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