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Website Copywriting Basics

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One of the biggest challenges for businesses and entrepreneurs is to bring their brand into the 21st century. This means an all-out online presence is required to stay relevant and up to the current trends. Apart from social media, businesses and entrepreneurs venture out on their own website as it becomes their very own personal platform to express what their brand is about. Unfortunately, we’re not all writers, so when it comes to website copywriting it can be easy to brush it aside claiming it’s not important. 

In recent years, your potential customers judge your overall brand based on your website, so your website must have well-crafted content. Think of it as going on a first date with your longtime dream girl/guy – you’d want to put your best foot forward to earn yourself a second date right?

Good website copywriting will help your brand stand out from competitors. It’s how you will capture your audience and tell them how your brand is tailor-fit for their needs. Having well-written website copy will ensure that the message is delivered correctly. After all, who wants to invest in a brand with messy and poorly written website content? 

Website Copywriting vs SEO

Most businesses would opt to invest less on a good copywriter because why not? SEO can give the brand all the traffic it needs, right? Well, the answer to that is no. You can’t just throw in a bunch of keywords on the website and call it a day because what point is traffic when no one understands what your brand is trying to offer?

Essentially, your website content is what attracts the search engine and generates traffic for your website. Because of Google’s algorithm being unpredictable with all the constant changes, the effectiveness of the SEO work on your website will rely heavily on relevant and quality content. Aside from that, SEO ranking is also affected with your website’s ability to capture audiences which is heavily reliant on how you structure your site content. 

Your web content should contain a minimum number of words with specific keywords that target your audience. Good website copywriting crafts reader-friendly content which follows a particular strategy that highlights your brand’s goals and its target audience to increase organic search results and website traffic. 

Having consistent and fresh content on your website will help give you better rankings and higher search traffic, so it’s crucial to invest either the time or the money (website copywriting services) to gain stronger authority on Google. 


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Communicating Your Brand to Your Audience

Website copywriting is all about communicating with your brand’s audience. Having a generic format with half-hearted content is not exactly the best way to highlight your brand’s specialities. Most of your viewers want to connect with your website on a personal level, meaning, your content must allow them to feel as if you’re personally speaking to them. Essentially your website copy isn’t about your company – it’s about how your audience would view your company and what problems you can solve for them. 

Each text on your website is meant to serve a purpose. Otherwise, it’s best to scrap it and save your site from looking cluttered. Readers will continuously look for relevant and quality information and insight, so having well-written copy will help create the right impression for your brand. Generally, the content reflects your company’s image through the tone, language, and relatability. Hence, average written content will give off that generic vibe. 

Your audience often sticks to first impressions, which makes it crucial that you reflect your brand’s professionalism and authority with your website copywriting. It has to engage and persuade your audience into doing some business with you. It has to answer why your brand Is worth listening to and why you’re worth their attention. 

Website copywriting is essentially the content that pushes people to action. Unlike editorial writing or news writing, copywriting focuses mainly on your audience and steering them toward an action such as purchasing your service/product, responding to call to actions, or subscribing to your mailing list. 

Gives Your Brand A Unique Edge from Your Competitors

Search engines don’t like familiar or generic content so pages with similar content to other sites would have lower visibility in searches. In fact, Google penalises a website with copied content. Having strategically written website copy will help your brand obtain that edge that separates you from the rest of your competitors. 

Good website copywriting also highlights your brand as it helps you express your personality and engage with your audience. Thoughtfully written website content will help your audience see why it’s better to do business with you compared to your competitor. It establishes trustworthiness and reduces scepticism. Given that you’ve already tapped into your audience’s emotions, it now gives you a competitive advantage since the audience already sympathises with your brand’s goals and visions, which is the first step to converting them into paying customers. 

Copywriting Gives Value to Your Brand

Excellent website copywriting leads to higher conversions because it helps you to better connect with your audience, which, in succession, leads to more sales. It doesn’t matter if your design is the best in the world if it comes with poorly written content, it’s basically just an online ornament – pretty but no substance. 

Businesses – small or big – don’t often consider the importance of getting good copy written for their website mostly because they don’t realise the effect it has on sales. It can convert strangers who didn’t know about your brand into interested readers who are itching to get a taste of your product or service. 

Your copy is an essential component of your overall branding. Depending on your brand personality, it will be the element that sets the tone. Good website copywriting will help you keep up with the constantly changing trends.

Go Crazy with Your Brand’s Creative Side

While your graphics can put a face to your brand, your website copywriting sets a tone and instils relevance amongst your readers. From crawling your competitors’ pages as well as getting keyword research done, you can use that data to create more website content – blogs, ads, and call to actions – that keeps your brand fresh, creative, and relevant. 

Creating a positive image for your brand requires a combination of good graphics, website copywriting, and SEO work. A specific strategy that is tailor-fit for your business is necessary to obtain the best results. Giving your audience quality content will allow them to keep engaging with your website and brand because you’re creating value.

Your website copy remains your chance to communicate with leads and convert them into paying and loyal customers. It is through this channel that you tell them why your brand is better than the rest of your competitors. 

Your audience is spoiled with a multitude of choices. Where you lack in copywriting, your competitors will be using this to take a step above you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to figure this out on your own. The best way to go about this if you aren’t an expert copywriter or if you don’t have an in-house copywriter is to invest in getting one. Remember, getting someone with the expertise in website copywriting can ultimately make the difference as these people usually have the in-depth knowledge in getting your brand that needed relevance in today’s time. They understand what your audience wants and can see your brand in a more objective standpoint making their work a lot more engaging for the audience you’re trying to target. 

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