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All of my services are based on 10 years in the marketing & project management industry and are designed to help you live life your way.

I believe in doing what you love, which often means working less and living more. If you're looking to spend more time with family, friends, hobbies, or other business aspects, my services are designed for you. Let's embrace the future and reclaim your time, moving away from traditional agencies. Drawing from a decade of experience in marketing and project management, my services help you live life on your terms.

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It All Starts With a 4 Step Process.

Data Collection

I collect thousands of comments relating to your brand and carry out customer surveys so I get a true indication of your ICP, instead of guessing it.

We'll also speak to your current and past customers to collect even better data.

Data Analysis

Equipped with this data I can carry out various language model analysis to extract key information that will help with ads, website copy, email copy etc.

It'll also give you a true understanding of exactly who you need to pinpoint as your target customer.

Concept Creation

Now the fun part. I'll create series after series of concepts, again using real, up to date data on your ICP. Concepts will need to be tested but can be used on any media placement, as your website copy and email copy.

These concepts will become the cornerstone of your business. I've worked with over 200 brands and 99% of the time we've found new pockets of the market they can sell to.

Complete Omnichannel Analysis & Strategy

Now it's time to put the data, concepts, and the use of AI to create conversion driven advertising campaigns.

The true power of these concepts are in advertising. They not only validate your concept but they make you A LOT of money. You'll have the edge over your competitors that simply haven't taken the time todo this.

No Diets. No Productivity Techniques. No Human Delegation. When we work together we'll use cutting edge technology to create higher quality work for less time.

Random Ad Results
I've Got a Huge Folder Full of These if You Really Need to See Them.


I've Got You. Full Support From Media Buying to Factional CMO.

It’s time to embrace change for the good. Future-proof your business, spend less time working and don’t get stressed at paying over bloated agencies. I’ve already implemented what I teach & within 8 months I’ve learnt and have been certified in cyber security, programming and AI&Machine Learning Data Analysis – both to the point I could get a job in those industries. 

Want to double your revenue? Want to save half your day for fun? Want to learn new high level skills? Let’s speak about what you want by contacting me today. 


Short answer is no. If your response is ‘you don’t trust your won service then’ you don’t know about business. Everyone has overheads, in order for me to give you my time it needs to be paid for. I am always open to retainer plus performance bonus. However, it’s important to note the actual definition of a retainer:

a thing that holds something in place.
“a guitar string retainer”
a fee paid in advance to someone, especially a barrister, in order to secure their services for use when required.
“he’s on a retainer as a consultant”

I certainly guarantee that I will carry out everything that we discuss before a deal is made. My experience, past results and testimonials are trust badges I wear with pride. I do not however, guarantee any ‘results’. This is due to the amount of factors that can affect the work we do. I’ve worked with clients that micro manage everything, these people usually fail, but if I were to guarantee ‘results’ then would I be liable even though the business owner ultimately caused the issue? It makes things too complicated, trust me I’ve been there are done that and have been conned out of tens of thousands of dollars along the way.   

I don’t work on a precise hourly basis, however a rough weekly hourly amount is can be discussed when in a consultancy role. If I were to work on a strict hourly rate it would mean you’d be paying a lot more for less. I work with people who trust me and I trust in return.

Yes, absolutely, in fact it’s one of my prerequisites to working for a business. The reason for this is that I need to know I can provide value to a business. If I audit their business and it’s immaculate and I don’t have too much to offer then I’ll drastically change my pricing to come in and fill the holes needed or will not work wit the business. 

I also offer a free audit to prove my worth to some businesses, I’ll provide you with high level optimisations you can make to your entire business and I promise you it will improve it.  

Yes I hold a MBA and BA in Business & Marketing. 

Absolutely not. I use AI to enhance what I can already do. I use it in well thought out processes that saves me time and enables me to expand my creativity.  

Not typically. I like to form long term relationships with clients of mine, some of which I have worked with for over two years. The shortest contract time I’ve worked is 6 months , however at the time of writing this, it’s more than likely I will continue to work passed this time. 

I’m always up for hearing any offer out so just send me over a message and we’ll see if there is something we can work out. 

Aside from my testimonials I’d be more than happy for you to speak to any of clients, providing they are comfortable. This has occurred once in my career and of course I provided the details and they came onboard instantly. This is not however something I like doing because it makes my current clients feel unfomfortable. 

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