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Hey, I’m Mike. At 22, I Was The Youngest Person In A Billion Pound A Year Company To Land A Project Manager Role. I Stuck With It For 5 Years, Directly Managing Over 20 Staff And Dealing With Multi-Million Pound Projects.

I Hated The Job Though But Thought It Could Lead To Bigger Things. It Wasn’t Until A Road Trip From Sweden To Norway Made Me Realise I Needed To Quit.

So I Did. I Asked A Guy I’d Met Whilst Out For Dinner For A Part Time Job So I Could Stay In Norway, And He Instantly Said Yes. I Called My Boss From The Airport, And 4 Weeks Later, I Was On A Flight Back.

Don’t Worry If I’m Boring You, You Can Keep Scrolling.

I Already Had A Degree In Business And Marketing, 5 Years Of High-Level Project Management Experience, And Within About A Week I Stumbled Across Digital Advertising. I Was Hooked.

7 Years Later And I’m Working With Some Of The Brightest Talent In The Marketing Industry. My Passion For My Craft Is Out Of Control, And I Love Passing That Knowledge On To Others.

Mike Coombe About Me

My Mission

on one this time

I Specialise In Media Buying And Business Growth. The Problem With The Industry These Days Is That Agencies And Freelancers Do Not Care About Their Client’s Business.

As Long As They Can Make The Platform They Work On Look Good So They Can Collect Their ‘Incentive ROAS’ Bonus, They Are Happy.

Couple That With The Fact That I Speak To Agency Owners Daily Who Have No Idea About Marketing And Advertising, Yet They Are Charging Businesses Thousands To Manage It For Them.

No Wonder The Industry Has Such A Bad Rep. No Skills Or VERY Outdated Skills + Zero Care For Any Other Metric Than ROAS Because It’s Been Hardwired Into People That It’s The Only One That Matters = A Complete Failure To The Whole Industry.

I’ve Been Lucky Enough To Work With Some Of The Leading Facebook Advertisers In The World And Have Certified CMO Level Training, Experience, And A Whole New Way Of Problem Solving, Mindset, And, Best Of All, Advertising Skills.

This Isn’t Stuff You Get From Every Other $97 Course On The Internet, Which Is Just Regurgitated From Pre-2017, Anyway.

I’ve made it my mission to at least play a small part in changing the industry in a positive way. That’s why I’ve Launched Elevate – a learning hub for all the marketers who can’t pay $8,000+ for a marketing course and want to learn at the highest level, on the knifes edge of up to date technology. I’m not driven by money, I’m driven by making a positive change in the industry I love. 

Because of that you’ll get full access to the Elevate platform, starting with our flagship course ‘Elevate: Pro’. In this course you’ll learn the steps and processes that you NEED to take in order to advertise successfully for your brand or you client’s. 

This course has been 2 years in the making and now heavily involves simple, distraction free methods to use AI & Automation to allow you to do your job as a marketer twice as fast with a better outcome. 


Become a high level full stack marketer & Learn to future proof your career with ai

Did I forget to tell you that if you join Elevate you’ll recieve an unlimited use affilliate code which gives you 80% cash back for every sign up? You do…

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