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How to Use Facebook Business Manager

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If you’ve started venturing out in the world of social media marketing, chances are, you’ve heard of Facebook Business Manager. It’s a tool that allows you to manage ad accounts, Pages, and the people working on these accounts in one single platform. This tool essentially provides marketers and business owners with a single platform to manage all their marketing efforts in one place. 

This tool also comes in handy when you need an overview of all your pages, ad accounts, and user roles. The best part is, you can separate your personal Facebook accounts from your business pages because Facebook Business Manager allows you to assign roles without the need of ever becoming Facebook friends with the people you need to assign these roles to. 

So how can I use Facebook Business Manager to advertise my business online?

Step 1. Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

Regardless if you have a personal Facebook account or a Facebook business page, the first stage of setting up a business manager is to create an account.

  facebook business manager

Once you click on Create Account, all you have to do is enter your business name, and email then click continue. 

create business manager account

Step 2. Add your business pages

You can create your Facebook page or add your existing page on this step. If you manage another person’s Facebook page, you can also send a request to add this on your Business Manager account. 

For the purpose of this post, it’s assumed you’re managing your own business’ assets, rather than an agency. But do keep in mind that should you be managing another account, the Request Access process is important and depending on the access granted, you may or may not have full access to certain assets.

To add a Facebook page, you can go to the Dashboard and click Add page. A second pop up will appear, and you can click on Add page again.

set up your business manager

add pages to business manager


After, you can start typing the name of your Facebook business page then click Add page. Your request to add page will be approved automatically should you have full administrator access to the page. 

add a facebook page

If you have more than one Facebook page, you can follow the same steps and add them to your Business Manager account. 

Businesses or marketers dealing with multiple pages will benefit from this feature since you no longer need to jump from one page to another. Instead, you have one centralised location for all your marketing needs.

Step 3. Add Your Facebook Ad account

Before proceeding to this step, it’s encouraged that you only add accounts you own since once you add an ad account to Facebook business manager, you won’t be able to remove it. If you’re only trying to access a client’s account, you can opt to request access instead. 

If you have an existing Facebook Ad account, you can link it by accessing Dashboard> Add Ad Account > (pop out) Add Ad Account then enter the ad account ID which you can find on the Ads Manager. 

If you don’t have an ad account yet, you can access Dashboard> Add Ad Account > Create Account.

set up your business manager

add ad accounts


You can then enter your account details then click Create Ad Account.

create new ad account 

Important Note: A business can have up to five ad accounts within one Business Manager. 

Step 4. Add Your Team

As they say, no marketing team is an island and driving your marketing strategies will require you to have a team to help you work on your business page and ad campaigns. 

To get you started, access Dashboard > Business Settings.

business settings

Once redirected, you can click on the People Tab then click Add to start adding them on your team.

add people to account

You can invite your team via email then assign them their specific user roles as well as the particular pages you want them to manage or have access to. These different user roles will determine the degree of control a specific user has over your business page. 

invite people to account 

Once you’ve added your team, they will each receive a notification email regarding the access given to them as well as a link to verify that they’ve accepted the invitation. 

Step 5. Connect With Your Partners and External Parties

This step may not apply to all businesses, but should you have partners you need to share or request assets from, this is where you can do that.

First, you visit the Dashboard> Business Settings > Partners.

business settings

You can then opt to either share or request assets from them by simply clicking on Add then entering their respective IDs.

partner to share assets with

How to Use Facebook Business Manager 

The partner you’ve just added can then manage permissions for their own set of teams on their respective Business Manager account. In a way, it’s collaborating with other teams to achieve a single goal without you going through all the hassle of adding each of that external team on your Business Manager account. 

So – What Next?

Facebook Manager has a lot more features you can use to drive your marketing strategy. It’s essential to know the different features so you can fully maximise the ability of this platform to create successful campaigns. 

Facebook Pixel

Most businesses aren’t aware, but Facebook Pixel actually helps you track conversations and engagement on your website to optimise your Facebook ads and better target your audience. Regardless if you’re not starting your ad campaign yet, it’s recommended that you set this up as soon as you can. 

To get started, first go to your Dashboard > Business Settings > Data Sources > Pixels > Add.

add facebook pixel to facebook business manager

Once you clicked on Add, add in the Pixel name then website URL, click Continue and Set up the Pixel Now.

How to Use Facebook Business Manager

use pixel with facebook business manager


Once generated, you are given different options on how you can install your pixels. 

connect website with facebook pixel

Note: You can create up to 10 pixels on your Business Manager account.

Create Your Facebook Ad

Once you’re ready with your strategy and assets for that compelling ad, it’s now time to create it. To create your ad, first access the Dashboard> Create Ad.

How to Use Facebook Business Manager

Fill out the necessary information (campaign objective, target audience, budget, schedule, and ad type). 

If you need help with you Facebook ad copy check this out.

Having a centralised platform to help manage your business is the first step to a successful marketing strategy, especially if you’re trying to drive it on a social media platform such as Facebook. It’ll save you a lot of time and also give you the necessary tools to monitor, track, and optimise your ads. 

At first, using Facebook Business Manager may seem a little intimidating since there’s a learning curve you’ll first need to take before getting the hang of it. But as a business owner in the digital age, you must learn the ins and outs of how to use Facebook Business Manager.

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