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I’ve come to realise that showcasing a bunch of screenshots doesn’t prove anything. I was going to take this page off, but I noticed from HotJar that a lot of people click here. 

If you want proof we can carry out a service for you – speak to me for 5 minutes on the phone and I guarantee you that you won’t need to look at a screenshot of ads manager. 

Alternatively, I have over 100 screenshots of wins, accounts, emails, and particular campaigns, from almost 100 clients. So if you really want to see them, email me and ask. 

MCM Agency Fashion Brand Case Study

5x-6.63x ROAS Omnipresence Strategy - Fitness Brand

I’ve been working with this fitness brand since November 2021 alongside another marketing agency I work very closely with. We developed a complete omnipresence marketing strategy for the business and it has given us phenomenal results What a lot of media buyers or ad specialists don’t understand is that you need to be everywhere so we can follow our users all over the internet. In this case, I was running Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok ads and consulting on the email marketing strategy. We also had a Google ads media buyer working closely with us as well. This omnipresence strategy has allowed us to reach over 6.6x ROAS and at the time of writing this we’re about to hit a much higher return. 

Mike Coombe Fitness Brand Omnipresence 1
Mike Coombe Omnipresence Strategy Fitness Brand 2
MCM Agency Fitness Brand Case Study

4.84x ROAS - Meal Prep Brand

Alongside one of my marketing agency partners, we were able to generate an additional $77,983 in revenue with only a $16,121 ad spend. This was huge for them and enabled them to scale their business to one of the biggest meal prep delivery companies in the US.

facebook ads case study meal prep company

5.03x ROAS - eCommerce Beeswax Wraps Brand

I worked with this business alongside one of my marketing agency partners back in 2020. They were a new brand at the time but believed in the power of Facebook ads. Within 3 months I was averaging a 5.03x return on their ad spend. That’s just under $3000 spent and just over $15000 in additional revenue for their business. This allowed them to grow exponentially. 

facebook ads beeswax case study

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